Doctor Acquitted of 12 Counts of Prescribing Without a Medical Purpose in Sacramento Superior Court

Doctors who prescribe narcotic pain medication are being charged criminally Recently there has been a surge in criminal filings against doctors for prescribing medication “without a medical purpose.” (Cal. Health & Safety Code section 11153.)  With growing scrutiny around the abuse of prescription medications, law enforcement has started to focus less on the users of these […]

The American Prison System Is Not Working

Most people that have worked in the criminal justice system, if they are being honest, will admit that our system of retribution is not working.  On Sunday, the New York Times ran several stories about the different ways countries incarcerate those they deem the most dangerous.  I found this diagram very compelling, as it demonstrates […]

Police Arrest San Francisco Public Defender For Protecting Her Client’s Rights.

Lately, the examples of police over reach have been abundant, from Ferguson to Arizona to Ohio.  I feel as though every time I sit down to read the newspaper, I am reading of some new example of police brutality or citizen being unlawfully arrested.  (NYPD Twitter campaign implodes, flooded with photos of police abuse) Although I […]

How far will the government go to obtain a conviction?

Danny Walsh published a compelling article about the government going to great lengths to seek a conviction of an innocent man.  Eric McDavid spent nine years in federal prison.  He was released last Friday after it was determined that the government had hid numerous documents that demonstrated his innocence. Click here to read the article.

How does mental health relate to criminal law?

Often those in our society who suffer from mental health problems are institutionalized in our criminal justice system. In particular, over the last few years, the state has continued to cut the mental health budget. This has led to fewer services available for people in crisis, and more people being arrested rather than treated. As a society, […]

Criminal Defense Attorneys are Constitutional Warriors

Jeff Adachi wrote a wonderful editorial about the value and service criminal defense attorneys provide. It’s a great read. Click here to read it.

Sometimes It’s Hard To Do the Right Thing

A recent acquittal I had in an attempted homicide case in which the client was facing 75 years to life had me reflecting on our criminal justice system.  Sitting on a jury is a difficult task, particularly in a criminal case.  Jurors are tasked with literally deciding the fate of an individual’s life.  Although human […]

Drunk Driving on the 4th of July

The Fourth of July is such a wonderful summer holiday.  The picnics, the BBQs, and of course the fireworks – all make you feel as though summer is really here.  But as we approach the long weekend, keep in mind that along with all of that celebrating, it is easy to misjudge a situation and […]

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