Protecting your rights through the administrative hearing process

Receiving an accusation or being subject to an investigation by your licensing agency, such as the California Board of Nursing or the Department of Real Estate, can be an intimidating and terrifying experience. Often the revocation of your license impacts your ability to earn a living, your standing in the community and your years of experience dedicated to your profession. Kelly Babineau is ready to help you navigate the process and fight aggressively to keep your license.

Methodical and thorough investigation of your case, early intervention and representation, combine to provide the best outcome possible.

Ms. Babineau's goal is to maintain your license and allow you to keep performing the job you love.

Ms. Babineau is devoted to protecting her clients’ interests. She will conduct a full investigation of the accusation placing your license in jeopardy and present a detailed defense to the investigating agency.

Strong trial lawyer

Ms. Babineau approaches every case as though she is going to trial. If an accusation if filed, Ms. Babineau will tirelessly advocate on your behalf to the licensing agency. Based on her meticulous investigation, she will be able to aggressively defend your rights during the administrative trial process.